Queen Platform Bed – Popular Type

Queen Platform Bed – Today one of the most popular styles of the bed is a bed platform. The reason they were is so popular today was selected they give the room has contemporary look and feel, they are easy to assemble, they offer customers something more than a bed in a storage solution and protection space in his room, and can also save money. Read on for more details and advice about the purchase of a bed platform.

First, the Queen Platform Bed can provide a stylish and contemporary look in your room. Instead of big stuffy, the bed, the two traditional top mattresses, bed platform an elegant, clean, simple and minimalist. They also take up much less space than a regular bed and a large space for small parts. The beds today come a long way since the original version platform, inspired by traditional Japanese cuisine, but they are so effective for the management of space.

Secondly, they are easy to assemble! Many providers have made it easier for customers to assemble the bed box frame using a screwdriver and simple instructions. It’s easy, quick and saves you hire a handyman to put together for you.

Third, and the main attraction for the Queen Platform Bed, they are offer customer extra storage space. Several models come with drawers that fit under the bed to store blankets, clothing etc. Other models, including lift-top version with access to the storage space under the bed through a panel under the mattress. This is especially useful for items that are used less frequently or seasonally and why the twin platform beds and platform beds queen is the most popular type available on the market today.

Finally, in addition to storage capacity, another reason why the Queen Platform Bed are very popular because they help consumers save money from the necessity of purchase box spring mattress. This platform supports a mattress with wooden slats or solid wood panels are connected to the frame and will act as a bed. This saves you from having to buy an extra box spring units for your bed, can often be charge at least half the price of your futon, not to mention take up extra space and thus is difficult to achieve the stairs to your room.

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